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Track Events

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There has been an explonential growth in the speed of change over the last decade. It thus becomes imperative to keep yourself updated as to what changes are happening in the external environment and how its going to impact your business and decisions.

We through machine learning and artificial intelligence we have built deep dive tools , that not only capture whats changing on a real time basis but also measure how its going to impact your business and action points that need to be taken. For instance a client winning a new order, could help you in cross-selling more products, or a negative event against some entity could direct you to reduce exposure against the same.

Some of the ways that we capture and triangulate external events are :

Media Releases
Regulatory Actions
Legal Developments
Project Awards
Venture Funding
International Agencies Update, and many more..

In addition to this we could also combine, your proprietary data to the external landscape, so that the right context in action setting can be monitored