Analytics Project

Most corporate executives understand that business growth hinges on an organization’s ability to effectively manage major capital investment campaigns, changes to business processes and the adoption of new technologies. Yet, despite their inherent strategic importance, these very projects frequently experience cost overruns, run late or fail entirely.

Given the potential severity of these repercussions, leading organizations have always searched for ways to keep their projects on track. Research studies provide insight into the factors that contribute to success and failure, but cannot predict the outcome of a particular project. Traditional risk assessments deliver expert opinions related to project outcomes, but cannot pinpoint specific control gaps that can cause a project to go off the rails.

We support our clients to maintain complete visibility into project performance throughout the project lifecycle. We offer a comprehensive analytics solution that delivers insight into project-based data to seamlessly track the lifecycle of a project. It provides provides robust analysis of important project-based data such as

Project forecasts
Project budgets
Project costs
Potential revenues
Project billing
Project profitability and other aspects of project management

It provides consolidated, timely, and complete information to Project Managers, Project Executives, and Project Accountants for enhanced visibility into project costs and variances for improved cost management and project profitability